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PlanCrypt Privacy Software

is an IT security solution which protects your data on the end device and in the cloud with a key length up to 65536 bit.

PlanCrypt is a German development, enjoys an excellent reputation due to the lack of loopholes for government, the high German data protection guidelines and political stability. In this way we guarantee maximum security for your private or commercial data at any time..

Key security:

With PlanCrypt you can select which keys you are working with.

You can create keys for extremely sensitive data, 65536 bits and a new key for all other data. It is impossible for hackers to find out which keys you are working with. The security increases with the length and thus the number of possible keys. 256-bit keys mean 2 high 256 possible variations.

We define four objectives in our company:

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Confidence: It is ensured that the data can only be read and written by the authorized person.

Integrity: The authorized person shall be able to ascertain whether the data have been modified after their production.

Authenticity: Only the authorized person can decrypt the data and transfer it from the cloud.

Liability: These encrypted data are given a special signature, thus ensuring that the data can be assigned to the respective person.